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  • insidevision | Mailing septembre 2016
    September 2016insidevision

    Systematic | Article

    Discover new ways to interact,through the in.Home range of tactile softwares. A shared approach between sighted and blind people, in a world we all are concerned in, communication and creation in digital dialog.....
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  • CSUN 2016
    March 2016insidevision

    CSUN | San Diego, US

    In this audio, J.J. talks with Eric Vioche, Purchase Manager for insidevision, about the company's Windows 10 PC touch screen tablet that includes a 32-cell Braille display and a Perkins-style keyboard.

  • CSUN 2016
    March 2016insidevision

    CSUN | San Diego, US

    Edition 2016, CSUN, San Diego in the United States, presenting on the insideONE, the new tactile braille tablet of insidevision.

  • March 2016insidevision

    Vidéo | insideONE

    Video presentation on the new tactile braille tablet of insidevision.
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  • Article Sud Ouest
    March 2016insidevision

    Autonomic | Bordeaux

    1st edition of Autonomic Atlantic in Bordeaux, Thursday, March 3 to Friday, March 4, 2016.

  • Article Sud Ouest
    February 2016insidevision

    Article | Sud-Ouest

    Article on innovation from the Special report in the Salon Autonomic 2016 Atlantic broadcast in the newspaper Sud-Ouest.

  • January 2016insidevision

    TV broadcast | France 3

    On the occasion of World Day of Braille, France 3, in its national emission of 19-20, aired a story in which the tactile braille tablet was presented insideONE...".
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  • December 2015insidevision

    Golden 2015 | Medef

    Every year in early December, the agglomeration Evry Centre Essonne community sponsored the ceremony of the 91 Golden organized by MEDEF Essonne rewarding "the essonniennes gems for their journey and success stories".
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  • insideOne by EDF Pulse
    December 2015insidevision

    Pulse | EDF

    Discover the new section of EDF Pulse editorial on the start-up dedicated to digital innovation on insideONE tactile braille tablet for the blind.
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  • Autonomic Lille Europe
    December 2015insidevision

    Autonomic | Lille

    Join us at Salon Autonomic Lille Europe Thursday 1 to Friday, December 2, 2015.

  • Partner VoxiWeb
    October 2015insidevision

    Partner | insidevision

    Voxiweb is the new innovative solution for the visually impaired who want easy access to Internet content.

  • Mailing insidevision | insideONE
    September 2015insidevision

    Newsletter | insideONE

    The digital revolution is on ! Discover the first tactile braille tablet...

  • Autonomic | Rennes
    September 2015insidevision

    Autonomic | Rennes

    Come and join us at the Salon Autonomic Grand West Rennes on Thursday 1 to Friday, October 2, 2015.

  • Salon autonomic
    july 2015insidevision

    Autonomic | Lyon

    Introducing the tactile braille tablet for insideONE autonomic Lyon.

  • June 2015insidevision

    Video | insideONE

    Introducing the tactile Braille tablet insideONE shelf audio video description. Choose language.
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CSUN | San Diego
From March 01 to 03, 2017

Autonomic Sud | Toulouse
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From November 30 to December 01, 2017

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