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insideONE - Braille Tablet the future of Braille Notetakers - Michael A. Fish

insideONE Braille Tablet The future of Braille Notetakers.
Michael A. Fish

After working with this unit for several weeks I am able to share several thoughts and impression.
I have divided them in to several sections below.

Construction and Design:

The unit is light weight when compared with devices that perform similar functions.
The Braille is crisp and easy to read. Additionally, the tablet style lay out is sleek and modern in appearance.


The ability to start the unit and immediately gain access to a full functioning screen reader and the entire windows 10 platform is outstanding. The start time is comparable to other tablets on the market. The ability to run ether NVDA or a JAWS 90 day license allows the user choices when working with the tablet. The fact that the tablet does have a screen and even a bar to show what is being typed in Braille makes this a great unit for individuals who are deafblind or blind students who need to show the teacher their work. The ability to use a thumb drive or SD card allow for multiple storage options and ways to get documents off the unit to give to others. The inclusion of a USB keyboard is essential especially to someone who is not a proficient Braille user. The keyboard also allows users to get used to the navigation features of the device without having to learn them all at once.

Typing on the screen and using gestures:

The inlaid keyboard allows for a quieter typing experience. The need to turn on the Braille keyboard takes some remembering but once it is up it remains that way until the unit is restarted or the keyboard is dismissed. The key combinations are intuitive for the most part if you remember a few simple rules such as when to use dot 9 or dot 0 or both. The gestures for tabbing, arrowing and dismissing keyboards take some time to remember but become more natural with practice. One of the coolest features is the small round button located in the top left corner of the device. By tapping this button you are taken to your desktop. If you swipe right you are taking to the next open window just the same as if you press the keys alt+tab. You can swipe left over the button and the focus is changed to the previously accessed window.


The InsideOne tablet is a game changer in the realm of Braille Notetakers. It combines 32 crisp Braille cells with a completely accessible touch screen windows tablet. It is constructed in a portable esthetically pleasing manner and its inlaid Braille keyboard is one of a kind. The ability to change between screen readers and to run applications such as the office suite makes this a suitable unit for students and professionals alike. This is truly an all-in-one device that provides windows applications, Braille access and a compact portable all in one computer solution to meet the needs of the average user.